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Creating a Company

If you are unemployed and out of work but you are open to offers and still want to improve your career prospects – you are welcome to work in our restaurant as a manager. We are looking for an ambitious, up-and-coming employee, who works well in team, is a people person, have a «can-do» attitude and is able to meet tight deadlines. Moreover, it is really a demanding job, so you can encounter some difficulties, such as: be up to your eyes and have your hands full. That’s why a manager should be a person who have an eye for detail and keep calm under pressure.

Despite these facts, working conditions are more than brilliant. It is not a nine-to-five job and you will be able to work flextime. If you are second to none, you will get some bonuses or maybe even a higher salary.

If you want to be taken on by our restaurant and become part of our team you should put together your CV and fill in application forms. Then if you meet our requirements we will inform you.

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In the first video Sugata Mitra takes the view what the future of learning is going to be. He is talking about the Educational system, that it isn’t broken, it’s wonderfully constructed, but it’s just that we don’t need it anymore and it’s outdated. What is more he thinks that we have to use computers as much as possible in our education in order to keep up with the word progress and let a gifted child to become a quicker learner. His main wish is that we grasp the importance of education and help him to design a future of learning by supporting children all over the world to tap into their wonder and their ability to work together.

In the second video Ken Robinson is trying to make clear why education is falling behind and what should we do in order to improve it, because there’s room for improvement. He explains that nowadays a lot of kids drop out of high school and the reason is children don’t enjoy it and don’t get any real benefit from it. It’s his firm conviction that the trouble is, it’s all going in the wrong direction. What is more, Ken Robinson persuades us that children are natural learners, teachers are the lifeblood of the success of schools. The role of a teacher is to facilitate learning and the whole point of education is to get people to learn and acquire knowledge. In addition, it’s a widespread belief that education is not a mechanical system, it’s a human system. There are conditions under which people thrive and conditions under which they don’t.

I honestly think that we should change standards of education that came from the old school. It’s my firm conviction that we should improve modern system of education and keep up with its requirements because it is the key to any form of development in a country. The biggest problem is – kids don’t have any motivation. Millions of children have mental agility, a natural talent and a thirst for knowledge but they don’t know any purposing on going to school, except compulsory schooling. Another drawback is lack of practice and individual approach to each person. In fact, children still continue play truant because lessons are boring and tasks are tedious. I bear in mind that we should pay more attention on practice rather than a theory because practice makes perfect.

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Feelings, Emotions, Body Language

Body language is considered to be a universal form of non verbal communication and helps us better understand individual’s emotions. Body language can express our state of mind through unconscious movements and positions. It depends on our mood - a more general feeling such as happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, unhappiness, excitement, contentment, or anxiety.

In fact, I am always excited and delighted when observe how people can bottle up their emotions, suppress their feelings, wear their heart on their sleeve or disclose their innermost thoughts.

You see, all the time we must remember about our friends who always help us to be keeping our chin up, be in high spirits, who don’t let us be like a bear with a sore head and be down in the dumps

So, let’s witness how we display our emotions and disclose our feelings.

In this picture I and my group mates are thrilled to bits and on cloud nine. We have a sigh of relief and a great sense of our achievements.

In this picture my little brother seems to be very hungry. It is obvious, he could eat a horse. Having a good breakfast always made his day

In this picture I with my friend Yana are in high spirits. We really have a burst of energy because it’s weekends, and we can have a rest. 

In this picture you can see my friends and me. We feel really happily, contented and excited because it’s Change Image Day – the time when we can have fun. 

And now, I’d like to show you a video which inspires me a lot. It is about nature that causes more positive emotions and fewer negative. Every time when I watch it I feel less depressed, less angry and less anxious. The song makes me cool, calm, collected and I am really in a state of euphoria.

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Word families. Word formation.

I’ve chosen a text from Upstream B2+ Student's Book, called “Guilt – Free Holidays” (Unit 6)






Thousands of years ago, in ancient times, people expressed their thoughts and feelings in Latin, Greek and other excellent languages. But nowadays, many pedestrian people say: « Nobody speaks these languages any more – why should I study them». But even though, it is still important and beneficial to attract people to study these so-called "dead" languages consciously. The fact is that only in Vatican Latin is still considered actually spoken and only enthusiastic, prominent philologist and philosophers deny the fact that the ancient languages are extinct. Latin is not dead. Latin did not die, it simply evolved and it can be kept alive by studying it.

Why should people study Latin and Greek? Knowing Latin and Greek can prove useful in mastering other languages. First of all, a great deal of Latin and Greek roots and prefixes are dependable, unchanging and serve as the key to understanding the vocabulary of English. Thoroughly learning these languages not only makes it possible to figure out English words but also teaches you the original meaning. Having mastered these languages is like being an expert, a walking dictionary for 60% of the words in English.

Then, understanding the language requires that you explicitly identify parts of speech constantly, and therefore, Latin and Greek are particularly excellent at training students to identify and think about part of speech and precise functions of words.

Finally, knowing more about Latin and Greek grammar really opens up one’s understanding about English. It also provides us with a historical context that is hard to rival.


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Online tools and resources for vocabulary building

Hello, my dear friend!

How are you? I’d like to explore you different ways how to learn English and to concentrate your mind on effective methods of studying English. Have you ever thought about learning English without taking too much time to look everything up in paper dictionaries and grammar books? As you were learning English 30 years ago, it is obvious that you have. Today, we are all aware of fact that our world makes progress and there is a wide range of modern, useful, alternative online tools and resources which we can use to expand our vocabulary. So, if you want to achieve your goals, improve your English and speak fluently you should try some of them. I’d like to recommend you a list of my favourite websites which really help me to build my vocabulary

1. Fraze.it – one of the best online tools that helps to explore the words in the context. It gives you access to millions of phrases and sentences coming from top writers, as well as a handy way to manage your own content.

2. Synonym Finder – the tool provides not only synonyms for the words but also definitions and its usage.

3. Graph Words – is online thesaurus which displays words in a graphical pattern and shows connections among associated words. Also, you can easily see the meaning of each word by simply placing the mouse cursor over it.

4. Word Machine – another viable option for you. It is a cool typing game that will make you by trial and error recall words you thought you never knew and learn some new. 

5. Rewordify – is online software that replaces the difficult words in the text with simpler ones, helps you to identify and understand what you read.

My flashcard: