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Going Green

In the first video «Environment - protecting our habitat resources» we can see a team of scientists from the University of Sheffield. They are talking about our environment. They said that the biggest challenge we face is how to feed all people without doing yet more damage to the environment, and that finding a solution for it –is absolutely vital and is really a daunting task . Although, scientists consider that one of the key challenges that are faced by mankind at the moment is the issue of climate change. At the University they are working very hard and in innovating way by developing new technologies and systems. Scientists start big research project in order to answer big research problems. They are talking about different alternative and renewable energy sources, which will conserve and save energy. For example, they are discussing solar energy, they try to understand the sun, how we collect energy from the sun.

In the second video «Seed communities: Eco-village Experiments Around the World» we can hear an interview with Professor Karen Litfin, University of Washington. She’s studied the pollution, climate change, deforestation and other big issues. She wanted to see who is trying to live sustainably. She is telling about eco-villages — small, self-contained communities that are trying to live ecologically. Karen did intensive research in 14 of eco-villages around the world. She looked the eco-villages from four different prospectors: how they live ecologically, economic aspects, how they share or do not share their money and community aspects. Furthermore, she also mentioned drawbacks of eco-village life. In addition, she said that we don’t need create eco-villages, we just need to take the basic principle of living and apply them to our lives where we are here today.

On the Move

The dark side of tourism

It is not surprising that millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. Almost everyone is keen on travelling, enjoys spending relaxing and dream holidays, adore going sightseeing or even hiking, climbing, camping. They just want to get away from it all, unwind, chill out and go for a wander around beautiful cities, flourishing capitals, unspoilt nature.

Tourism has become the bread and butter industry for many countries blessed with amazing beaches, oceans and mountains. Tourism can bring many economic and social benefits, particularly in rural areas and developing countries, but mass tourism is also associated with negative effects. 

In order to attract tourists, infrastructure has to be created from the ground up. Nobody would like to travel to a city if the roads are studded with potholes, because everyone expects cobbled streets. In order to finance the development, people are taxed to raise the funds. Moreover, tourism is a seasonal industry with visitors rarely visiting during the off-season. In addition, the arrival of the tourists increases the cost of the essential goods for the locals.

It turns out, visitor’s behavior can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of the host community. Sometimes it can be difficult to leave at peace with local people. If the visitors do not respect the culture of the locals, it can generate tensions, animosity and often fight. 

Tourism poses a threat to a region's natural and cultural resources, such as water supply, beaches, coral reefs and heritage sites, through overuse.

All in all, tourism has as many advantages as disadvantages, and we must remember to be good tourists.

News Travels Fast

Change Image Day: 
an unusual turn of events
 — Rumour has it that, it is highly praised by critics and students of other departments.

News comes in, that all the students and professors of the faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages (RGL) changed their images for one day. It emerged that, Change Image Day has become a tradition at the University. To let you in on a secret and to reveal the truth, it is really worth seeing and visiting. Students and professors chose one image or a famous character, that is in the public eye and always suffer from press intrusion, and try to imitate him/her. To make the point, it is very difficult to choose new image. But to reveal you a secret, the National University of Ostroh Academy «gives birth» to students and they are very friendly, like a family, so they help each other. One of the students said: «Change Image Day – makes headlines, it has a significant impact on students because it is the day when each student can realize his/her ambitions».

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His Story. Her Story.

Christiaan Barnard
These days people with severe heart problems can have a heart transplant – in other words, another heart is put into their body to replace the heart with problems.
Christiaan Barnard made good progress and useful contribution to medicine. He was the surgeon who performed the first human heart-transplant operation. Barnard was born in 1922, in his native South Africa. He studied medicine at the University of Cape Town and graduated in 1953. Then he went to the USA and studied the University of Minnesota. He returned to the University of Cape Town in 1958 to teach surgery. He won the respect of students and all of them took advantage of Barnard’s lectures. No one new very much about him – but in 1967, he became world-famous because he had a huge effect on people’s life.
On 3rd December Barnard transferred the heart of a 25-year-old woman into the body of Louis Washkansky, a 55-year-old grocer. Unfortunately, everything went badly wrong and hopes were dashed. It was a spectacular failure and the operation failed miserably. As a result, Washkansky faced the dire consequences – he died 18 days later.
Barnard missed the point but he took it seriously and did a second transplant, on 2 January 1968, for a man called Phillip Blaiberg – this was a lot more successful, as Blaiberg lived for just over 18 months after the operation. 
Barnard was not the usual picture of a surgeon. He also performed free surgery on hundreds of very sick people. He died in September 2001, aged 78. All in all, Christiaan Barnard made a breakthrough and had a major impact on people’s health and had a lot of influence on people’s lives.

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Money Matters

1)Unfortunately, money talks and plays an important role in our life. The game Spent gave me an opportunity to imagine my life in a such situation that can happen in my future. My savings were gone and money was tight, I didn’t have a steady income and didn’t earn a good salary, I lived on a shoestring and tightened my belt. To tell you the truth, it was really very difficult for me to make ends meet, save some money and I understood that money doesn’t grow on trees. I had to keep track of my outgoings and economize every time
This game taught me a lesson and I made a conclusion, that we need to be careful about our spending, don’t throw money round and don’t spend money like water.

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Creating a Company

If you are unemployed and out of work but you are open to offers and still want to improve your career prospects – you are welcome to work in our restaurant as a manager. We are looking for an ambitious, up-and-coming employee, who works well in team, is a people person, have a «can-do» attitude and is able to meet tight deadlines. Moreover, it is really a demanding job, so you can encounter some difficulties, such as: be up to your eyes and have your hands full. That’s why a manager should be a person who have an eye for detail and keep calm under pressure.

Despite these facts, working conditions are more than brilliant. It is not a nine-to-five job and you will be able to work flextime. If you are second to none, you will get some bonuses or maybe even a higher salary.

If you want to be taken on by our restaurant and become part of our team you should put together your CV and fill in application forms. Then if you meet our requirements we will inform you.